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Basic Concepts

  • A semantic frame is a script-like structure of inferences, linked by linguistic convention to the meanings of linguistic units -in our case, lexical units.

  • Each frame identifies a set of frame elements (FEs) -participants and props in the frame.

  • A frame semantic description of a lexical unit identifies the frames which underlie a given meaning and specifies the ways in which FEs, and constellations of FEs, are realized in constructions headed by the word.

  • Valence descriptions provide, for each word sense, information about the sets of combinations of:
    • FEs,
    • grammatical functions and
    • phrase types attested in the corpus.
  • The annotated sentences are the building blocks of the database. These are marked up in XML and form the basis of the lexical entries. This format supports searching by lemma, frame, frame element, and combinations of these.