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Dictionary & Thesaurus

  • The Spanish FrameNet database will act both as a dictionary and a thesaurus.
    • The dictionary features include:
      • definitions,
      • tables showing how frame elements are syntactically expressed in sentences containing each word,
      • annotated examples from the corpus:
        • human approved and
        • automatically annotated, and
        • an alphabetical index.
    • Like a thesaurus, words are linked to the semantic frames in which they participate, and frames, in turn, are linked to wordlists and to related frames.
  • The Spanish FrameNet project is based on the evidence offered by a 350 million-word corpus which includes both New World and European Spanish.
  • The semantic and syntactic annotation is carried out by using the system developed by the Berkeley FrameNet Project, whose input are files that have been extracted from the corpus, POS tagged, lemmatized, and chunked.
  • Each Spanish FrameNet entry will provide links to other lexical resources, including Spanish WordNet synsets.
  • The project's deliverables will consist of the Spanish FrameNet database itself:
    • lexical entries for individual word senses,
    • frame descriptions, and
    • annotated subcorpora.